Steal Away the Night

If Durban folk are the salt of the Earth, Umhlanga is the custard. These photos wouldn't have been nearly as fun to take without the company of Jono Rich, a guy with indomitably good spirits.

Send Me to a Watery Grave

Go Night-Swimming

Huck and the Smart-Phone

Bridge Over Trouble-Free Water

Jono's Direction

My Front Lawn

Lights Out

Keeping it Real

Feel Blue When Lonely


  1. chris. these are incredible! i'm coming on your next night photo jaunt.

  2. Rad thanks lady. This is where I said I wanted to shoot the other night. We'll hit somewhere new soon. Smiley.

  3. The one of you/lighthouse/jono is awesome! ...but flippin classic at the same time. Noice one

  4. Rad photo with you and the lighthouse and jono! Tres phallic! x

  5. Ha shot dudes. Had to take about three of the lighthouse one because I kept laughing. I have some with dubious expressions.